Wednesday, February 3, 2010

High expectations...

So I finally decided to try out the In-n-out! The lines have always been hours long and I have never found it reasonable to wait that long for fast food. Last week I saw that the line was only about a 15 minute wait so I took the chance!!

It sucked. By far the worst fast food I have ever had! I should have stuck to a Mac Snack Wrap at McDonalds!! The onions on the burger were horrible and the fries were DISGUSTING!! They tasted like something went completely wrong in the kitchen, or like they were low fat! It was horrible! Next time. If there is a next time. I will be getting just the regular double-double burger with no onions and no tomatoes.

I got into this drive up with way to high of expectations... next time hopefully my expectations will be so low I will have some what of a surprise. Bah... Have you tasted their fries??!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First blog!

Here it goes!! I started a blog. Why would Carly start a blog?? Because it was an assignment... so work with me!

Right now I am going to Salt Lake Community College and I am enrolled in a Technology in the Classroom class. My instructor... who is by far the greatest instructor (thats for you Dale), gave us an assignment to start a blog. So I thought what the heck!?

I currently am living with a girlfriend in Sandy and loving it! You got to just love having roommates... sharing everything... learning new things about each other... ha but really she is awesome and I love living with her! Now all we need is a job to keep this place a float! Any takers?

Okay so that wasn't so bad! but really? How interesting could my life really be? Who will want to read this? I guess we are going to find out...